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Rafting & Kayaking

Bhutan’s districts are characterized by a river that runs through each valley. From large Sub-tropical Rivers to torrential Alpine rivulets, kayaking and rafting are growing in popularity. Rafters and Kayakers can enjoy pleasant river stretches or even face challenges that defy all grades. We organize Rafting and Kayaking as a one day event.

Rafting rivers are classified into five classes (difficultness) in Bhutan.

Class I and II are easy to raft on, because it has no rapids and only waves like Lower Mo Chhu.. Class III is considered diffifult because it has more rapids like Phho Chhu. Class IV river is very difficult because one needs more technical expertise and strong paddlers like Upper Mo Chhu. Class V is most difficult rafting in Bhutan which are above in Tsirang from Wakhlaytar to Sunkosh bridge.

Rafting season in Bhutan begins from March to May end and the second season starts from September till November. During the moonsoons, it becomes difficult to raft because the river swells and currents are faster. In winter, water becomes too shallow to raft properly. A small raft can accomodate eight people, while a bigger on ten.

Since 1997, rafting in Bhutan is picking up and we charge $ 150 a person. Other water sports we offer are tubing and kayaking. “The most important thing for us as orginizers is the safety of our valuable and enthusiast clients”.

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