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Fishing Trips

Bhutan is one of the rich watersheds of four main rivers namely Toorsa, Raidak, Sunkosh and Manas flowing from high Himalayan glacier of the North to the Indian plains in the South. These four river catchments practically cover the whole of Bhutan . The Royal Government of Bhutan has rehabilitated most of the rivers and lakes in the higher altitude with brown trout imported from western Himalayas with an intention to keep water potable on sustainable basis. This program was launched during early 1950.

At present it has been observed that most of the rivers and lakes between the elevation of 5,000 to 16,000 feet above the sea level are well populated with the brown trout and the Royal Government has started culling of excess population by issuing fishing licenses as a luxurious sport based on both social, cultural and scientific plans approved by the Government. We offer two fishing trips in and around Bhutan . Please take a look and let us know if you are interested. We recommend that you combine the fishing trip with another Bhutan tour, such as a cultural tour. Most of the rivers are accessible by motorable roads where as the lakes are NOT. The rivers usually flood during the monsoon season starting from June to August and all the lakes are inaccessible during the winter months (November, December, January and February) due to heavy snowfalls.

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