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Clean Bhutan


We are a proud member of Clean Bhutan..

Clean Bhutan was established on 6th February 2014 and on 11th November 2014, Clean Bhutan was recognized as Civil Society Organisation or NGO and registered number CSOA/PBO-033 under the Civil Society Organisation Authority, Royal Government of Bhutan.

Main objective of Clean Bhutan is to make the Bhutanese society a waste free society.

The goals and objectives will be met through some of the following strategy/theme of Clean Bhutan:
1. Be a Responsible Person – Be a member/volunteer and practice zero waste habits
2. Advocating Behavioral Change (ABC) – educate all Bhutanese through awareness, advocacy and interactive meetings to zero waste society.
3. Prevent Bhutanese from being a Consumerist Society – create awareness on how consumerist habits can be wasteful.
4. Finally, Clean the Brain and Not the Drains

Waste affects every one of us in Bhutan. Everyday whether be it at home or at work, we dispose off so much wastes. Waste disposal is an emerging problem in almost all the urban towns in Bhutan. The increase in waste generation can be primarily attributed to factors such as rapid rates of urbanization, rural urban migration, changing consumption pattern and high population growth rate. While the magnitude of the problem is relatively small and manageable in rural areas, it appears to be growing significantly in urban areas in recent times (SACEP 2010).


Find more information : http://www.cleanbhutan.org/

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